Reyna Freitag is the representative and descendant of the goddess Freya. She is destined to fight in Ragnarök alongside the other descendants. Because of this, she possesses the ability to use magic, an ability that gets stronger when she is in contact with her twin.

Biography Edit

Reyna and her twin, Ray, grew up as the children of a casino owner. For an unknown reason, they always wanted to embarrass their father, and that was when they started going through "phases". The phases known are the cowboy phase and the goth phase, which they were in for the entirety of the series. They were found by the descendants at a cemetery and the descendants rescued them when they were kidnapped by trolls, which Reyna insisted were men in costumes. The twins later split off from the others and got rescued by Owen when they got attacked by nykur or horse-like water monsters. They joined back up with the others and they continued on. She may have a crush on Matt. From different reasons in the book series.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Reyna is tough, quick-witted and courageous. She always does what has to be done. Reyna always feels even stronger with Ray at her side.

Physical Attributes Edit

She has long blonde hair that she dyed black. She is also quite tall

Family Edit

Their dad is the owner of a casino. They grew up with a large amount of money and a dad who was unaware of his heritage.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic- Reyna has the power to do magic, and perform different feats with it, this power is way stronger when she's with her brother.

Fog Manipulation- Reyna can summon a thick fog that's hard to see in

Light Manipulation- Reyna can use light to do different things, such as disintegrating, blinding, and etc.

Rope Skills- Reyna knows how to lasso and do different things with a rope, having gone through a cowboy phase.

Hand-to-Hand Combat - Reyna must have taken self-defense classes since she knew how to do different takedowns.

Invisibility- Reyna has Freya's magical feathered cloak which can turn the user invisible.

Gymnastics- In the third book, Reyna talks about how she took gymnastics as a kid, so she is more flexible and agile than an average person.

Cat Taming- She has a magical calico cat, whom she named Trjegul, that sometimes helps her in different situations.

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