Owen is the representative and descendant of the god Odin. He is destined to fight in Ragnarök alongside the other descendants. Because of this, he possesses the ability to see the possible outcomes of the future, an ability he temporarily loses when he gets involved in the situation.

Biography Edit

Not much a lot is known about Owen's early life. But we do know that his parents have taught him how to use his powers and be the representative of Odin. Some point along the line he started traveling with his personal army, the Berserkers. He was secretly helping the descendants behind the scenes until he officially joined up with them near the end of the events in Odin's Ravens.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Owen is quiet, a loner and even acts like Odin himself. Being Odin and considering his power set, he's very distant from the other descendants. He prefers to act sneakily, but eventually, he directly joins the others, realizing saving others is more important than using his powers.

Physical attributes Edit

Owen has dyed blue straight hair that reaches his shoulders. He has dark colored eyes but wears a black eyepatch on the eye he is missing. Under the eyepatch, the skin is pink and raw, and it also has an x scar on it. He is also the oldest of the descendants, so he probably has more manly features.

Family Edit

Nothing much is known about Owen's parents except that they were aware that they were of godly descent.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Prophecy- Owen can see all the possible outcomes the future may hold.

Omniscient- Owen has two ravens, Thought and Memory that he can send anywhere or any realm. They can then come back and tell him any useful information. They can also give him advice on the situation.

Strategizing- Since Owen knows what's going to happen he can come up with plans to counter the future.

Acrobatics- Owen can perform basic acrobatic maneuvers that the Berserkers taught him.

Hand-to-Hand Combat- Owen knows how to execute certain moves from the Berserkers fighting style.

Survival Skills- Owen knows how to camp and the things that come with it from the time he spent with the Berserkers.

Marksmanship- Owen must know a little bit about bows because he taught Laurie how to use one.

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