Loki's Wolves is the first book of the The Blackwell Pages, written by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr.


"The runes have spoken. We have our champion... Matthew Thorsen."d.[1]


M.A. Marr: To Dylan—
This one is for you and because of you (also, yes, there will be goats).

K.L. Armstrong: To Alex and Marcus—
Whatever parental horrors I may inflict on you guys as you move into teenhood,
I will never make you fight a giant serpent. I promise.


Chapter 1: ConfrontationEdit

Chapter 2: ChangesEdit

Chapter 3: fuckEdit

Chapter 4: PremonitionEdit

Chapter 5: I ate my momEdit

Chapter 6: OwenEdit

Chapter 7: Edit

Chapter 8: AllianceEdit

Chapter 9: Tornado TossedEdit

Chapter 10: Night FrightEdit

Chapter 11: Reading Mount RushmoreEdit

Chapter 12: Troll CondoEdit

Chapter 13: Sleight of HandEdit

Chapter 14: All-Points BulletinEdit

Chapter 15: DeadwoodEdit

Chapter 16: Unmarked GravesEdit

Chapter 17: A Door OpensEdit

Chapter 18: Walking NightmareEdit

Chapter 19: Trouble in Pink BootsEdit

Chapter 20: Witching and WhiningEdit

Chapter 21: Raiding the RaidersEdit

Chapter 22: BattlegroundEdit

Chapter 23: FenEdit

Chapter 24: leslie ann banaderaEdit

Chapter 25: We going to HelEdit

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