Laurie Brekke is the representative and descendant of the Norse god Loki. She displays magical abilities such as the creation of portals and possible shape shifting. While it initially was assumed that her cousin, Fen, was Loki's representative, Laurie quickly stepped up to the plate when the truth was revealed.



Laurie is clever, resourceful and patient. While she is often pushed aside by and over protected by Matt and Fen, she loudly protests their overbearing treatment. Laurie also often acts as a buffer between Matt and Fen, who have a tendency to butt heads. Her willful, but compassionate and patient nature seems to give her the ability to temper the rest of the group as well as have more successful interactions with Gods and Valkyries.


Laurie lives with her mother and younger half brother, Jordie. Her father, Stig, a wolf like her cousin Fen, is nearly always absent. Laurie's mother often works long hours, so Jordie and Laurie are left in the care of Mrs. Weaver, her mom.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Teleportation- Laurie can open portals to anyplace or person she thinks about. She can send people and objects through them, but she can close them herself or jump in and they close automatically.

Persuasive Talking- Laurie can phrase her words in a certain way, to get people to do what she wants.

Luck- Laurie shows an uncanny luck when gambling or playing games of chance.

Marksmanship- Laurie can skillfully use her bow to fight enemies.

Shapeshifting- Laurie can shapeshift into a salmon and gets all the abilities of being a salmon.

Underwater breathing- As a salmon she should be able to breath in both freshwater and saltwater.

Fast Swimming- As a salmon she should be able to swim fast because of her fins.

Enhanced Strength- As a salmon she should have some strength to be able to swim in the currents.

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