Matt uses his hammer to throw Fen.

Fenrir "Fen" Brekke is a wulfenkind, a descendant of the Norse god Loki with the ability to transform himself into a wolf. Although in the myth Loki sides against Thor and his efforts to stop Ragnarök, Fen becomes an unlikely ally to Matt's noble cause.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Can turn into a wolf faster than almost any wulfenkind.



Fen is very wolf-like, often displaying signs of pack mentality and wolf-like body language such as affectionate head butting. While Fen initially comes across as standoffish and jaded, he is fiercely protective of his cousin Laurie and proves to be a loyal ally with a great capacity to care for his friends if his trust can be earned.  


Fen's relationship with his family is rocky. His mother, Lillian, abandoned him when his father, Eddy, was sent to jail and his extended family consists of a cult-like wolf pack that cares little for his welfare. He initially lives with his cousin, Kris, but once he leaves Blackwell his disappearance is not met with any obvious concern. His closest familial relationship is with his cousin Laurie, with whom he has a big brother/little sister dynamic, however Laurie's mother considers him a bad influence and discourages their friendship. Fen later gets adopted by Lauries parents. Fen also has an older brother named Michael and a little sister name Natalie

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Transformation- Because of his kind, Fen has the power to transform into a black wolf with yellow eyes. This is also one of the reasons why in his human form he has a wolfish appearance.

Heightened Senses- Even in human form, Fen shows the ability to smell and hear things beyond a normal range. He also shows slightly heightened night vision.

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