Baldwin Osgood is the representative and descendant of the god Balder, and destined to fight in Ragnarök alongside the other descendants. Because of this he is invincible, an ability that can kill him if he comes in contact with mistletoe.

Biograph Edit

Baldwin was born to two loving parents in South Dakota. Growing up everybody loved him and let him do whatever he wanted. He also noticed that he never got hurt or felt any pain. Later in life, he finally met the others. During his adventures with the descendants in Loki's Wolves, he got poisoned by Astrid and died. The others later retrieved him from realm of Helheim and they continued on their journey.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Baldwin is confident, brave and likeable. Baldwin will do anything dangerous. Being indestructible, Baldwin is fearless and doesn't think twice about jumping into the thick of battle.

Physical attributes Edit

Baldwin has messy ginger hair. He also has freckles dotted all over his face.

Family Edit

Baldwin has a mom and dad and one them is a descendant of Balder without knowing. That is pretty much all we know about Baldwin's parents.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Invincible- Baldwin cannot be hurt or killed by anything but mistletoe.

Pain Tolerance- Baldwin cannot feel pain, but he still has the sense of touch.

Charismatic Aura- He has this likableness to him. Whenever you talk to him, you can't help but let your guard down and do what he says.

Hand-to-Hand Combat- Since Baldwin doesn't have a weapon, he fights with punches and kicks.

Skateboarding- Baldwin must have some skateboarding skill since he talks about his experiences.

Science Knowledge- Baldwin knew what chemicals to use to make Greek fire, which was used to kill a frost giant.

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